Master's degree en Gestió Administrativa

Bachelor’s thesis

The aim of the Master's Thesis is to deepen the study of one particular topic in the field of administrative management. To do so it seeks to know and apply the principles and methodology of study and research: documentary research, gathering, analysing and interpreting information and data, presenting conclusions and structuring of the thesis, etc. It is aimed to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the degree to one specific topic.

The topic of the master thesis will be chosen by the student, who will develop it under the direction of one professor of the degree. The professor will be in charge of tutoring and guiding the student in the chosen topic and advising him or her in the relevant biography, regulations and case law, etc.

The thesis will be a study of a particular topic already analysed in one of the subjects of the degree and will have to capture the knowledge and skills acquired from a multidisciplinary point of view. In addition, it will have to be a thesis that includes the materials provided by the director of the thesis and will have to include conclusions.

Research methods used will be those appropriate to law research if the thesis has a legal profile, as in the case of a study of regulations, a study of jurisprudence of both in relation to a particular topic. The use of an empirical research method is also accepted for those theses articulated around a social or economic reality and its consequences in the framework of the professional practice of administrative management. Case method will also be suitable in those theses that consist in the development and solution of an administrative, tax or labour record (real or not).

The following (approximate) schedule will be taken into account for the elaboration of the thesis:


Fulfilment of a form with three different fields chosen by the students.

Appointment of a field and tutor by the coordinator.


First meeting with the tutor: assignment of initial reading and election of a topic inside the field assigned.


Fulfilment of a form with the proposed topic to the coordinator.

January - September

Regular follow-up meetings with the thesis tutor.


Delivery of an intermediate report to the tutor

First fortnight of September

Deadline to hand in the thesis.

Last fortnight of September 

Defence of the thesis


Assessment criteria:

  • Formal aspects: compliance with formal and methodological guidelines of the thesis. Defence of the thesis.
  • Competencies and knowledge: acquisition of the competencies and knowledge of the master’s degree and competencies and knowledge related to the chosen topic.




Thesis Regulation of the Faculty of Law, Economy and Tourism.